Wormhole Network Launches Ethereum Solana Bridge, Solana AMM Saber Surpasses $4 Billion TVL

Wormhole Network Launches Ethereum Solana Bridge, Solana AMM Saber Surpasses $4 Billion TVL

On September 17, 2021, Solana protocol fans were introduced to the launch of the Wormhole Network’s ethereum – solana bridge, which means assets between each chain can be intermingled. The launch announcement notes that Saber, the Solana-fueled protocol with more than $4 billion total-value locked (TVL), will support migration from Wormhole V1 to V2.
Wormhole Launches Ethereum – Solana Bridge
Solana has risen 5,504% in value during the last year and today, solana (SOL) is a top ten crypto-asset holding the seventh largest position in terms of market capitalization. At the time of writing, the overall solana (SOL) market valuation is $48.4 billion and there’s a circulating supply of 296,830,872 SOL, according to Coingecko data. On Friday, the Wormhole Network announced the launch of the Wormhole Token Bridge.
“Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Wormhole Token Bridge starting with Ethereum and Solana,” the Wormhole Network’s Twitter account said. “First up – migration of assets from the soon to be unsupported Wormhole V1 to Wormhole V2 will be available. V1 users will be able to simply exchange their assets for V2 assets at a 1-to-1 rate on wormholebridge.com.”
“The liquidity for this swap will be replenished periodically, please bear with us. There are about $250M worth of assets in Wormhole V1 to be migrated,” the Twitter thread added.

In a recent report, Bitcoin.com News detailed how the growth of blockchain bridges and cross-chain capabilities have expanded a great deal. In a panel hosted by Sanctor Capital, the founder of the Yearn Finance project, Andre Cronje, emphasized the importance of cross-chain compatibility.
“The whole defi wave gave a reason for people to begin interacting with different blockchains. And the more we’re interacting, the more we are realizing that there’s actually a little bit too much activity for any one chain to handle this stuff,” Cronje said. The Yearn Finance founder added:
While I can’t specifically pinpoint a big bang moment, it’s a combination of the maturing of different blockchains and their defi ecosystems, and things like NFTs that are giving people more and more of a reason to interact.
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Solana IDOs Explode With Demand, Saber TVL Surpasses $4 Billion
There’s been a lot of attention cast at Solana since its rise in value and the development that has happened over the last few months. SOL-based initial dex offerings or IDOs have exploded as projects like Matrixetf, Parrot Protocol, Solanium, Grape Protocol, Boca Chica, and more have caused significant demand.

🚀 +$3B (+329%) increase in 7 days 📈
According to @DefiLlama, Saber is the 13th largest protocol in all of DeFi by TVL. pic.twitter.com/HiCshuTzzN
— Saber (@Saber_HQ) September 12, 2021

Saber has $4 billion TVL and projects like Serum, Raydium, Orca, Mango Markets, and Oxygen. Moreover, tokens like cope, step finance, maps.me, kin, and bonfida have caught the attention of SOL proponents. “Wormhole V2 assets will initially show up as NFTs in the Phantom wallet until a few upgrades to the wallet are rolled out next week,” the Wormhole Network further tweeted.
“Speaking of TVL, we’re excited to announce that Saber HQ will support the migration of Wormhole V1 assets to V2 [and] move over incentives to Wormhole V2 assets. Saber has been on an absolute tear with growth since launch having just surpassed $4 Billion in TVL.” the Wormhole Network team tweetstorm concluded.
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Casey Munden