Want to Earn Crypto? This Is the Best Way to Do It With Phemex

New and experienced crypto investors are always looking to maximize their profits. This is why the leading crypto exchange Phemex has several products which allow users to put their cryptocurrencies and digital assets to work.
Phemex’s Flexible and Fixed Saving Asset Management products enable investors to earn interest on their crypto. Unlike the competition, Phemex has taken into account that crypto investors need to stay nimble.
Thus, the flexible saving product allows them to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrencies and digital assets at one-day intervals without penalties or at one-week intervals with fixed accounts. While the funds remain on the platform, users can get up to 10% annual percentage yield (APY).
At the moment, the product accepts stablecoin Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin in two modalities, flexible and fixed. In that way, if a user wants to send 10,000 to this Phemex’s saving product, they can receive a 7% APY if they use the flexible period or a 10% APY for the fixed 7-day period.
This product can be used for as little as $1 for its flexible period and $100 for the fixed. It provides users an efficient way to take their crypto and produce more over a period of time of their choosing.
Moreover, the product also accepts Bitcoin (BTC), and to mitigate the volatility for this market, all yields are offered in BTC. Thus, this product could be a great solution for new investors with low funds to stack more Sats and grow their portfolios.
Like the stablecoin product, the Bitcoin-based savings accounts offer a 1.50% estimated APY and a 3% APY for their flexible and fixed period, respectively. To start, a user only needs to send funds to the accounts. Any interest generated can be compounded and used to increase gains above the initial deposit.
How Phemex Guarantees The Security Of The Funds, Earn Crypto With Confidence
To guarantee the APYs promised to investors, Phemex has partnered with specialized asset managers and profitable funds. Thus, it has the capacity to offer mature revenue strategies to its users.
In addition, Phemex knows the importance of security in this space. Therefore, it has placed its platform under rigorous testing and safety procedures. This is how it can meet the highest standards in these terms.
An extra layer of security is provided by the mechanism that secures the funds. These are held in special Phemex accounts with real-time monitoring. Thus, every transaction and all assets are always monitored and audited.
With more cryptocurrencies quickly appreciating, Phemex will soon launch new products to allow their users to double their profits and generate more yield. The crypto market is wide and always presents new opportunities for those keeping track. Phemex combines two of the most essential features for the users into a single product: the capacity to earn more crypto in a safe platform.

Tony Reed