Top 5 NFT Sales of the Week: Carl Runefelt invests $1,000,000 on CryptoPunk

NFT sales have been breaking records and making headlines for a while now. This week, top NFT sales made even more news, thanks to a quirky purchase story.
But more on that later! First, let’s get a lowdown on the top 5 NFT sales for the week ending 10/24/21.
The Bored Yacht Club bagged the top spot again, clocking a sweet deal of 697 ETH for #8585. That’s a whopping 2.68 million in traditional dollars. Dankrupt sold for 469 ETH or $1.93 million. CryptoPunk notched the next three spots, with #4992 clocking a price of 450 ETH or $1.70 million and #273, 265 ETH or $1.02 million.
The sale that made the most headlines wasn’t spearheading this pack of Top 5 NFT Sales of the Week. Instead, it brought up the rear.
We know what you’re thinking. A self-made multimillionaire making a million-dollar purchase isn’t the hottest of news anymore. But read on, and you’ll see why this incident takes the cake.
It all went down when Carl Runefelt, aka The Moon Carl, purchased CryptoPunk #4626 at 249 ETH or $1.02 million. Noticing that this particular crypto art NFT was strikingly similar to his features, Carl went ahead and dropped a million dollars.
Only after the purchase was complete did he realize that the CryptoPunk art he had just bought was of a female!
Well, Carl being Carl, confidently held on to the purchase. And soon enough, the crypto investment guru’s quirky deal began grabbing loads of attention.
With a market capitalization of $43.08 billion and weekly sales clocking anywhere between $10 and $20 million, the global NFT market has skyrocketed over the last few months.
If current trends are any indication, ready yourself for record-breaking numbers in the near future too. And if Carl’s story is anything to go by, we may even witness some more bizarre happenings!

Tony Reed