NonceVC announces $18 Million Strategic Fund to accelerate the Growth of Crypto Companies

The buzz around the blockchain industry isn’t going down anytime soon as more use cases keep popping up in various sectors. There is a myriad of factors contributing to the push we are currently observing. One of the most significant among them is the increase in industry readiness, both from a technical and ideological perspective. With blockchain and cryptocurrency re-emerging in such a major way, it is important to also note the institutions that are propelling this change. Hence, it is no surprise that NonceVC has revealed a new commitment to developing modern blockchain solutions.
Leading Blockchain Venture Capital firm NonceVC announces an $18 million strategic funds for budding web3 companies to drive mainstream crypto adoption. NonceVC is the venture arm of famed blockchain development studio NonceBlox that has significantly contributed to the growth and development of Web3 companies all around the world over the last 3 years.
Accelerating Web3 Companies of the Future
This fund cements NonceVC’s commitment to scale web3 dapps and create a more accessible, decentralized, and cost-effective crypto ecosystem. NonceVC aims to invest in fast-moving projects, with an initial focus on DeFi, Fintech and NFT dapps, with the goal to empower founders that are creating breakthrough applications in the blockchain ecosystem. The company based out of the British Virgin Islands already has credible web3 consulting and advisory experience, having a portfolio of over 27 web3 firms such as Defi11, VulcanForged, NiftyPays, ArcadeNet, Pacific DeFi, SinCity, Bingo, NextBloc, SolarBlox, Rise, Aimedis and 33 Numbers to name a few.
Companies working with NonceVC are assured of transparency and credibility. Importantly, NonceVC doesn’t discriminate between blockchain companies based on the size as long as they are related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies and consider itself to be an equal opportunity investor.
When asked what they typically look into when investing in companies, Vinshu Gupta, Co-Founder of NonceVC said – “Since we are typically investing at the earliest stages of 1-4 founders in markets that are completely uncharted, the idea will mold over time, the markets will change, but the founders they need to adapt and move forward together as a team. Persistence and Innovation is what we treasure the most”
Investing In Superhumans
On being asked “What is your investment thesis?”
Vinshu added – “A nonce is an abbreviation for a ‘number only used once’. It’s also a metaphor for what we do. We are super selective and get associated with unique founders and ideas.
“Capital is often the smallest part of what we can contribute. It’s the network effect that Nonce’s brand brings along that is usually what’s most sought after in the journey of a company. Our mission is to provide financing to early stage startups that have the teams and tech that can move the crypto space forward in an innovative, meaningful way.
We’re taking a long term view of the web3 space, and believe that multiple pathways are healthy and good for the ultimate benefit of the industry”
Most early-stage startups often suffer from a lack of funds, expertise or experience. Having an extensive network of sister syndicate funds, KoLs, community leaders, and marketers, NonceVC places itself as an ideal incubation partner for such startups.

Tony Reed