Nakamoto Games’ Escape is a Mind-Blowing 3D Multiplayer Game

Nakamoto Games offers a sneak preview of its play-to-earn 3D multiplayer game Escape
Play-to-earn gaming platform Nakamoto Games has offered the public a sneak preview of what 2022 will be like. This cutting-edge games producer has given a quick peek at Escape – its upcoming 3D multiplayer strategy game. The preview demonstrates that gamers can get deep into an amazing 3D environment and compete for great play-to-earn benefits by solving puzzles.
“The 3D multiplayer game was fully developed in-house by the Nakamoto Games team. The team has been working relentlessly to stay on the frontier of innovation in the play-to-earn space, and this is evident from the preview,” commented Nakamoto Games CEO Tor.
Escape features high-quality graphics, as well as sublime gameplay and multiplayer integration. Nakamoto Games team says this cutting-edge 3D game will be available in Q1 of 2022.
Earlier this year Nakamoto Games listed its $NAKA token on Kucoin. In addition, the project successfully launched its mainnet, as well as several games on its platform – all are available to play now. The team says that their in-house 3D action strategy game that has multiplayer functionality is going to raise the level high and help position Nakamoto Games as one of the top leaders in the play-to-earn segment.
Nakamoto Games’ play-to-earn ecosystem provides users a chance to earn crypto while playing and features an incredible interactive environment. Additionally, developers are able to use the platform to launch and market their own play-to-earn games. Visit to learn more about the project.

Tony Reed