Is There a Way to Expand DeFi?

Almost inherent to the industry is the idea of expanding, evolving and changing with this ever-growing market. Therefore, many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects come out to show what they got to see whether it can be the next big hit.
What comes from these endeavors is the idea that there are ways to change the way people interact with DeFi and related services, usually through a community of cryptocurrency investors through which platforms can gain exposure and raise funding for their projects.
Reducing System Problems
One project looking to change DeFi interaction is Optimus Ventures, aiming to reduce the problems of crowdsourcing and fundraising in the initial days of a firm. It is fairly easy to start their project on the platform after filling a form and listing out the necessary details per the needs of the user’s jurisdiction.
The platform supports the top three major chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Therefore, there’s little chance that developers will face any problems of cross-chain incompatibility.
While launched on the biggest chains in the DeFi world, it is a cross-chain semi-automatic launchpad that is backed by smart contracts. As of now, the platform has funded more than 10 projects, amounting to a total of $10 million with over 200 active investors. This is ideal to smooth out the interaction between investors and the projects which are launching their platform on the launchpad.
There are a number of automated tools which project developers can use in exchange for crowdsourcing and fundraising processes, and many projects offer only a few ways to officially fundraise with added security for a user’s investment.
What Kind of Tokens Is Driving Change?
Many native tokens have their own governance and staking protocols. And OPTCM, the native token of Optimus, is the main currency for projects and investors to start on the platform. The platform supports the top three major chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Therefore, there’s little chance that developers will face any problems of cross-chain incompatibility.
Benefits of DeFi Expansion
All kinds of projects are looking to expand their launchpad to differentiate themselves from other platforms in the market. Both projects and investors can benefit from advantages when using the launchpad in different ways such as a two-way vetting system, guaranteed and dynamic allocation.
For projects looking for a place to start their funding process, there are pros that Optimus Ventures can help them with. The investors’ community is a huge advantage for any endeavor seeking to create an all-in-one platform.
There is no need to wander off to other platforms in search of different exposure. The community is extremely qualified and knows what they do. It is very easy to start the funding round for a project. All one has to do is fill the form and wait for approval from the community and the auditors as well.
The system also prevents the rug pull strategies that many investors fear. The launchpad ensures that investors and their investments are protected in order to prevent the devaluation of a token after its initial launch.
Cashing in For Investors
For those looking to invest in a variety of blockchain-based projects, there are ways that can help make the process easier.
Many developers sometimes easily mislead investors who intend to capitalize on the blockchain industry. To mitigate this, Optimus Ventures appoints auditors to each initiative and puts it to a vote in the community as well.
No project goes live without approval from the community, ensuring the safety of the users’ funds. Any person can join the community by holding just 1,000 OPTCM — without any hassle.
The launchpad is backed by a proprietary smart contract that ensures that the investment starts only when the endeavor is approved by the investors, ensuring a wide range of coverage from illicit actions. The experts who validate the project during the initial stages are known for their expertise and can provide another layer of protection for investors on the platform.
How to Figure Out Which Project is Best
Because of a lot of different vetting procedures, stakers and DeFi users have figured out what works and what doesn’t. For example, looking for better funding opportunities through two-way vesting for both project funds and investor tokens, allowing for open exposure. Another way is seeing if a platform has a better quality of investments via dynamic allocation of funds so that the dumpers do not have access to higher allocation of funds.
Coincidentally, Optimus Ventures has different features from other platforms, especially with a lot of YouTubers already supporting the platform and has gained quite a reputation in the few days up to launch on December 15, 2021.
In general, it is important that the dynamic allocation of funds that has been integrated into the launchpad is beneficial to the investors as well as projects and breeding high-quality investors, turning leads to high-quality services.
The goal is to create a balance in the risk taken by investors and projects alike. There is a huge chance that when a project fails to deliver, a major portion of the funds can be saved, and Optimus Ventures help the investors minimize the damage in such cases.
What is Next?
In regards to raising funds, there will always be an opening for change and innovation. Through mutual audits, different types of allocation and other features, Optimus Ventures could be helping push the market ahead in terms of fundraising. Let’s find out what works best for the future of crypto fundraising so that investors can be protected regardless of the platform.

Tony Reed