FUFU Raises $1.7m From Major Investors to Develop the Next Generation Content Marketing Platform

FUFU Raises $1.7m From Major Investors to Develop the Next Generation Content Marketing Platform

UwUFUFU.com, a content marketing platform, has successfully raised $1.7 million USD from early investors.

Adopting the play-to-earn mechanism in the form of viral quizzes, anyone can create, play, share quizzes and earn NFTs through FUFU’s reward system. NFTs on FUFU function as a collectible and a potential membership to gain access for future events, drops, sales, and more. They also function as “boosts” in drop rate and rarity of items from loot balls, which serve as the delivery mechanism of rewards. This is the backbone of FUFU, which they believe will propel the platform to the forefront of the industry. Through this, they are able to introduce the concept of rewards to active users, generating traffic and revenue.

The team is grateful for the support from both the community and early investors. “We’d like to give special thanks to GBV, Faculty Group, and Boxmining for being the first to support our vision at FUFU. The backing of the investors further instilled confidence in our vision of FUFU’s potential in the blockchain industry.”

Charles Yang, a partner of GBV commented, “We think FUFU is a diamond in the rough. This platform has already gone viral despite its short history and zero marketing spend. The team now has a solid group of supporters so we’re excited to watch the platform grow!”

With the funds, FUFU is in the works to expand our team and introduce additional content on the platform, this includes new features and quiz types, providing a breath of fresh air to the community in the near future.

In the upcoming days, FUFU will also be announcing its public sale details! FUFU will also be releasing details regarding our project and future partnerships, stay tuned and follow the team on the social media platforms!

About FUFU

FUFU is the go-to platform for users to create quizzes, share it with friends, and earn NFTs through the reward system.

The project’s mission is to help brands to successfully deploy their digital advertising campaigns in the form of content marketing and distribute NFTs for future gamified marketing campaigns.

The ecosystem’s flagship NFT creation and distribution platform is UwUFUFU (link). A content marketing platform in the form of viral quizzes. The platform is already in use by thousands of users and content creators.

Contact the team:

Website: https://getFUFU.com

Telegram Official: https://t.me/FUFUofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/getFUFU

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