Ethereum L2 protocol Connext integrating smart-contract platform Moonriver

Connext, an  Ethereum-based layer-2 protocol enabling value transfer and calling contracts across Ethereum-compatible chains and L2s, today announced that it will be integrating Moonriver, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform in Kusama, into its L2 interoperability protocol.
Moonriver is a parachain on Kusama that makes it easy to develop natively interoperable applications. Like its sister network, Moonbeam, the Moonriver smart contract platform capabilities feature Ethereum compatibility that goes beyond basic EVM support, simplifying the process to build an app on Kusama.
By supporting Moonriver, users will be able to transfer assets to and from Moonriver directly from other L2s and sidechain systems without introducing any new trust assumptions.
“In an ever-increasing multi-chain environment, there are continued challenges when it comes to asset movement and interoperability. Moonriver has demonstrated to be the most active parachain in Kusama, currently with over eight million transactions. Connext integration with Moonriver will speed up the assets’ transfer process to and from with as much ease as possible. Moonriver users will have additional routes to traverse between chains and interact with assets where and how they want.”
– The Connext Team
Users can now head over to and start cross-chain transfers to/from Moonriver with available supported assets (USDT/USDC/DAI/ETH).
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Johnny Liles