DEIP partners with BlockVenture to boost adoption of its web3 creator economy protocol

DEIP, a creator economy protocol that enables the discovery, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets, and BlockVenture Coalition, an alliance of university blockchain groups and venture funds, announced today a new partnership to educate American students about the pathways into web3 development and expand DEIP’s reach through the American continents.
BlockVenture Coalition will help DEIP get a foot on the ground in the USA’s ever-growing crypto market. Their mission is to be a bridge into the blockchain space by connecting high-potential blockchain startups with the resources they need to excel. Additionally, they’re focused on spurring inter-university collaboration and bringing industry projects to students.
“DEIP immediately sprang out as a unique project to us. Their little-to-no code deployment of smart contracts opens the door to everyday people entering the space, increasing the ease of access and growing the total share of people involved in blockchain.”
– Philip Forte, Partner at BlockVenture Coalition

The DEIP network is an app-specific Substrate 3.0-based domain-specific chain that implements a number of protocols for the creator economy: the core protocol is Creator Economy Protocol.
On top of the Creator Economy Protocol, the network implements the Collective Intelligence Protocol, the Dynamic Liquidity Protocol, and others. DIEP token, the native cryptocurrency in the DEIP network, also serves as the main governance token and reward for validators.

“BlockVenture has great connections to major exchanges and peer startups in the USA. While DEIP currently has a solid network in Europe, we want to operate at the same level on all continents. BlockVenture is the partner that will help enable DEIP to make a splash in the US markets.”
– Alex Shkor, DEIP CEO
BlockVenture provides connections with blockchain research groups and can kickstart adoption through university clubs, node-running communities, public developers, and more academically relevant avenues. They will be the key player to connect DEIP to the top universities in the USA and the rest of the Americas.
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Johnny Liles