Crypto exchange HitBTC goes live with new perp trading contracts

HitBTC, a popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that perpetual futures contracts with up to 75x leverage are now live.
Users of HitBTC can now trade BTC, ETH, TRX, BCH, ADA, DOT, SOL, EOS, AAVE, MATIC, XLM, UNI, LTC, and HIT (HitBTC’s native utility token) as perpetual futures.
The new contracts are USDT-denominated and use isolated margins, meaning traders can add or remove assets that serve as collateral for a selected position, effectively altering the leverage of that position.
“We are eternally grateful for the trust you have placed in us over the previous eight years. Our commitment, as it has been in the past, is to continue to provide dependable and secure services that exceed our clients’ expectations. It is our pleasure to welcome you to start trading perpetual futures contracts.”
– The HitBTC Team
Overview: Perpetual Futures
Perpetual futures differ from traditional futures as they do not have an expiration date. This allows traders to hold a position for as long as they like. Besides that, perpetual contracts help better manage risk, deploying small amounts of capital to hedge the market.
Like in margin trading, futures trading also gives traders the option of leveraging funds to maximize profits with low initial investments. The max amount of leverage available on HitBTC for futures trading is 75x.
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Johnny Liles