BSV Global Blockchain Convention: NFT-based gamification system coming to Buzzcast

BSV Global Blockchain Convention: NFT-based gamification system coming to Buzzcast

Organizations worldwide organize events, be it for marketing, building, or networking. They have always been an integral part of businesses and require several resources from conceptualization, creation, scheduling, managing, to hosting one. The most organized events also begin with a bang but get forgotten soon after. Attendees meet like-minded people at events, but they often struggle to stay connected after events end.
This gap is where Buzzcast, a BSV-based virtual and hybrid platform, comes in as it offers an extensive content management system which has opened the platform to a much wider audience.

And very soon, Buzzcast will be launching an NFT-based gamification system where attendees can share, connect, and engage with each other before and after events, as announced by Ryan Byrne, the founder of Buzzcast, on Day 1 of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention 2022 in Dubai.
Byrne demonstrated their content management system and the upcoming NFT-based gamification system. The gamification system features the Digital Swag Bag, which includes the attributes of events such as community, journey (user flow), rewards, collectibles, favorites, and market. Within this system, registered users can explore all events, view popular trends at that given point of time, upcoming events, and access the groups they can associate with. They can see or engage with connections they made during past events.

Buzzcast also offers the ability for users to customize their “journey,” i.e., the experience or workflow. Explaining the NFT-integrated system to the audience, Byrne described the workflow of users who will win a redeemable ticket discount (Rewards) for the next event once they attend a session/event, collect a QR code, and exchange knowledge or information with other guests at that event. He added that this experience is gamified and leads to long-term engagement than the usual scenario of short-term engagements at events.
Buzzcast was launched in March 2020 by Byrne, an expert in production with extensive career experience in companies like Paypal, Adobe, etc. In summary, he shared that his background helped him build this platform that delivers security, scalability, flexibility, and “extremely high quality streaming and technology.”
Buzzcast has organized global events with some of the recognized names in the market, for instance, the Gates’ Foundation, Uber, and Just For Laughs, the world’s largest comedy festival, among others. The platform is now available for events of all sizes, in addition to ones that require different services, from live streaming, and on-demand to pre-recorded sessions.

Check out this BSV enterprise blockchain-based platform and learn how Byrne and the team are transforming event content into NFTs, facilitating better and personal stronger connections, and connecting sponsors with attendees even long after events are finished. Buzzcast is buzzing with solutions to all the existing and potential problems related to the events industry!
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